25 Bond Street


25 Bond Street, Manhattan 

Challenge #1:

Originally, CIP was awarded only the painting contract by the project’s Construction Manager. However, the drywall and taping contractor was unable to complete their portion of the contract.  


CIP was approached and subsequently hired to replace the existing drywall crew and, within a short period, we brought the project back on schedule, taping and finishing the drywall in preparation for its Level 5 finishes.  

Challenge #2:

The project’s stone erector could not proceed due to missing support steel details.  


CIP was again approached and quickly responded with our self-performance manpower to drill and mount a network of steel unistrut to the building’s exterior reinforced concrete frame. 

Services Provided:

Our Self-Performance crew did an outstanding job with the intricate detailing of this luxury residential building, including:

  • Complicated door and frame details and varying wall types
  • Detailed soffits
  • Thousands of square feet of Level 5 finishes on walls and ceilings
  • Intricate framing of hundreds of different ceiling fixtures
  • Thousands of linear footage of perimeter window pockets


project was completed and won the AIA Multi-family Dwelling Award for 2007.

25 Bond Street is one of several projects done for the property management firm Goldman Properties.

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