Calvin Klein


654 Madison Avenue, Manhattan 


This Madison Avenue store was taking on water through a leak in the basement wall, completely discoloring the 4’ x 4’ floor slabs and creating a major problem for the retailer’s high profile image. Access to the foundation wall required the removal and replacement of a very intricate glass shelving system, while simultaneously protecting the merchandise and allowing this busy property to remain open for business. 


CIP’s Self-Performance teams worked with our Design/Build team to develop a solution that kept the store open while solving this water infiltration issue:

  • Remove all current shelving.
  • Create a draining and pump system using a simple French drain and sump pump.
  • Excavate a 75 foot trench to insert a drainage conduit system for the sump pump.
  • Build a temporary partition wall to hide the ongoing demolition of the back wall.
  • Replace all shelving and display items back to their original state.

Services Provided:

Self-Performance Services included:

  • Carpentry
  • Glazing
  • Painting
  • Stone flooring
  • High profile finishing


All work was completed ahead of schedule and the property was restored to its original condition.

New York City Power Group