Vicart Entertainment


313 Church Street, Manhattan 


Vicart Entertainment, a cutting-edge player in the movie and film editing industry, wanted to convert a downtown loft into an attractive, contemporary office space with a cutting-edge film editing studio, conference space, partner offices, and general office work stations

The space required a creative and comfortable design that addressed the client’s sustainability, environmental, and economical concerns. The electrical system also needed a significant upgrade. 


CIP’s Design/Build group worked with Vicart’s design team to satisfy the client’s aesthetic and environmental criteria, including:

  • Installing hidden air cooled equipment and exposed air distribution that was economical yet effective in creating a great open space.
  • Utilizing a wall window to deliver natural light through the partner offices into the general office space.
  • Recovering and reusing a window wall to create an open yet semi-private conference space.
  • Installing a bamboo flooring system made of environmentally-sustainable material.
  • Upgrading the electrical distribution panels and installing new branch wiring.

New York City Power Group