NY Black Car


43-22 Van Dam Street,
Long Island City, NY


In order to expand the existing occupied commercial floor space to accommodate new offices, CIP had to perform all demolition and reconstruction while the client’s current offices remained occupied, and


CIP strategy to minimize disrupting normal day-to-day activities included:

  • Creating common corridors to maintain clear and safe passage for office occupants during construction.
  • Using temporary partitions for safety, noise, and dust control throughout the course of construction.
  • Completing all rough work prior to breaking through into existing spaces wherever possible.
  • Adding new finishes to existing spaces through close coordination and rigid scheduling, based on the client’s daily activities.

Services Provided:

  • Demolition of existing demising walls, interior drywall office partitions, doors, ceilings, wall coverings, and floor finishes.
  • Construction of three new private offices consisting of new partitions, custom re-finished solid cherry wood doors, and glass side lights.
  • Expansion of two existing conference rooms and existing file room.
  • Installation of new wall coverings throughout public spaces.
  • Painting interior walls and new carpet installation throughout the expanded area.

New York City Power Group